Fiction Friday Writing Prompt #5

Today’s writing prompt for those who need help. Feel free to share the result in the comments, if you want.

Write a story about a mischievous bandit who is hiding behind an invisible door.

Fiction Friday Writing Prompt #4

Feeling stuck? Try this writing prompt to get your imagination going. Feel free to share the results in the comments, if you want.

The night closed in on her. She ran, her footsteps echoing through the trees. Surely he could hear her.

Fiction Friday Writing Prompt #3

Do you need a novel or short story starting point? Why not try today’s writing prompt. Feel free to share the results in the comments, if you want to:

“You can step through the door and survive, or stay where you are and die. It’s your choice.”

Fiction Friday Writing Prompt #2

Need an idea to start writing? I will attempt to provide a writing prompt every Friday. Feel free to share the results in the comments, in you want to:

I jerked the door open to find a tall, dark, stranger staring at me with the most gorgeous blue eyes I’ve ever seen. My heart fluttered, but a cold chill crept up my spine.

Fiction Friday Writing Prompt #1

Each Friday I hope to post a writing prompt. Use it to start writing, hone your skills or just to write for fun. Feel free to share the results, if you want to.

Here’s writing prompt number 1:

My eyes fluttered open. Darkness pressed in on me. The only sound I heard was the beating of my heart.

Still Getting Back into the Swing of Writing

I notice my last post was written in April this year — five months ago. Seems a lot longer to me. Things continue to be difficult, draining, and I continued to not write.

However, thoughts of writing remain with me. I find myself looking at book covers and wondering if The Lion Gods or Domino Effect would suit them. Scenes of their plots play out in my mind. Character faces (how I imagined them when I wrote about them) pop up unexpectedly for a fleeting moment. Difficult scenes I need to write twirl around and fly away. I’ve even found myself on Pinterest reading writing tips and saving them to my writing board.

The urge to write is growing. I feel it will happen soon. It makes me happy to think and believe this to be true.

October will be the start of (another) new chapter for me. Between now and then I will move (again). When I unpack my belongings, which have been boxed up and stored away for over three years, I will hopefully be living in my forever home.

I intend to set up a writing space for myself. I have promised myself that when I get that space, I will write.

I will write!

Yes, I will write. My plan is to start with a short period of time, or a low word count. 10 minutes a day sounds good to start with. No pressure. Then I will allow myself to increase that to half an hour and eventually to an hour a day. The promise I made to myself does not go beyond that. One hour a day. No pressure. I want to write because I want to, because I have a story to share. Not because I have to.

Roll on October. πŸ˜€

Getting Back into the Swing of Writing

Getting back into the swing of writingΒ is a post written by Australian author Alison Tait. The title grabbed my attention and inspired me to write this post. Let me be honest, I haven’t written a thing in three years. Not a single word. In my defence I’ve had a lot on my mind, and I’m told I’ve been through multiple highly stressful situations during this time, however, in the past that’s when I write the most. But not this time.

I’m starting to find my feet and I have discovered over recent weeks I’ve thought about writing. Thinking and doing are two different things, I know that, but for me thinking is a step closer.Β 

There are five things I really do enjoy. Well, maybe I should say, I used to really enjoy. They are, in no particular order:

  1. Reading
  2. Writing
  3. Researching my family tree
  4. Playing the PlayStation
  5. Taking long walks with G and our dog.

I’ve never stopped reading. However, I can’t say the same for the other things on my list. Over the last few months though, I’ve restarted four of the five things. The only thing left to restart is the writing. I want to start. I guess this post is the first step. I wrote the post. I acknowledge my desire. I now have to … write.

I’ll get back to you in relation to this.

15 Grammar Goofs that Make You Look Silly

Everyone makes mistakes. It’s life! But when you’re an aspiring writer then you should take the time to learn the basics in grammar. Using the wrong word in a sentence can change its meaning. More importantly, it can also make you look silly to the reader.

Here are some basics you should know:

15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly
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