Inspiration Friday: The Dragon Cometh

Do you want to write but you can’t get your teeth into your current manuscript? How about giving something different a try to see if it will loosen the fingers and the mind.

This week’s exercise:

Your character is trapped inside a cave with a fire-breathing dragon approaching!

What does your character do?

Happy writing and don’t forget to share if you feel like it.

Thank you Saraneth for the suggestion.

Inspiration Friday: No E

A writer needs to write, but sometimes the words don’t flow and there are no ideas. This week I have a challenge for you. Are you up to it? I guess I’ll find out.

The exercise:

Describe the ocean in around twenty words. Trick is, you’re not allowed to use any word with the letter e in it.

I’ve seen some amazing results from this one. What will you come up with, I wonder.

Thanks to Saraneth for this suggestion.

Inspiration Friday: First Words

Inspiration Friday is all about getting words on to a blank page. This is this week’s exercise:

Instructions: Using any set of words below, continue writing a paragraph of no longer than 50 words. Learn to be concise.

1. Mildred Crane leaned over the fence and beckoned…

2. The line of ants moved quickly…

3. The wise man…

4. “Respect is all I ask for,” said…

5. The warrior clasped his sword in both hands and…

6. Sunshine warmed the air, but Tim…

7. Blood splattered on the pathway…

8. Aunt Maud was old…

9. “Fire!” The men turned and…

10. Death is not the end…

If you want to share your result, post it in a comment.

Inspiration Friday: Exercises for Inspiration

At Scribe’s, the old message board, there was a forum called Exercises for Inspiration. Not one for wasting good ideas, I’ve decided to share the better ones on this website.

Until further notice, “Inspiration Friday” will be a weekly exercise for you to use as you see fit. As long as it gets you writing, I don’t care what you do with the results. If you want to leave them in the comment section of the post they belong to then you are most welcome to do so.

Exercises for Inspiration is all about putting words on paper. So if you feel stuck or bored with what you’re doing, why don’t you try one of the exercises just for fun.

The first exercise is as follows:

Pick a character from your present work-in-progress and write a letter to his/her parents from his/her point of view. Then, if you feel up to it, write a reply.

This exercise will not only get you writing, but it will help you understand your character a lot better.

Thank you Neferankhib for the suggestion.