Website Issues

I have been unable to login to WordPress for a few days. In fact, I can only reach the dashboard using my phone, and that is a painful experience.

I have deactivated a number of plugins, including the ability to purchase ebooks from me, in the hope that I can bypass the issue and gain access with my laptop.

If something doesn’t seem right then hopefully the problem will be fixed soon.

Website Issue Appears to be Resolved

I’m still not entirely sure what the problem was, but I ended up deactivating all the plugins and having to re-enter all the details for the shop. Everything appears to be working fine now. Hopefully, the issue has been resolved.

Please use the contact form and let me know if you come across any issues with the site. Thank you.

Website issues under investigation

It started out on the weekend (or that’s when I discovered the problem). At first, the checkout page refused to populate. Then, before I had time to work out why, some links stopped working.

Now it’s got to the stage that I’ve disabled the store and most of the plugins, yet the website is running slow and an odd “forbidden” notice turns up every so often.

The problem is beyond me, but I’m at the stage where I want to dump the database and start again. Extreme, but I won’t rule that option out just yet.

Until the issue is fixed, the store is closed. If you want to purchase one (or all) of my books :D, please go to your favourite online book store to make a purchase. Thank you.

More Website Issues Fixed

I’ve had a productive day. No, not in writing terms, but in fixing website issue terms. You may or may not notice that the images in the shop are no longer blurry. And, the pages are aligned correctly (the sidebar is at the side, where it’s meant to be, and not pushed to the bottom of the page). I feel much happier about the way the website is looking. I might do some odd tweaks here and there, but mostly I’m done.

Now, to turn my attention to more important things. Writing. I’ll write an update in a few days, but I am writing consistently. 😀

Download Issues Fixed

It came to my attention earlier today that my ebooks could not be downloaded from this website. I’ve spent several hours today trying to work out why. All the settings were correct. Nothing seemed wrong, but alas no matter what I did I could not purchase and download my own books. And if I couldn’t, then that meant no one could. I wonder how many people tried, failed and moved on without letting me know. Never mind.

The problem was finally discovered and rectified. Please go ahead and try it for yourself. If you do experience issues, please let me know immediately.

If not, enjoy the book(s). Remember, The Land of Miu, book 1 of the series, is 100% free. Please download, read, share your thoughts, and share with others.

Thank you.

My next issue to fix, is the layout of the shop pages. Not happy with them. Haven’t been for a while, but haven’t had time to fix it. But I will. Soon.