Podcast Review: Shadow Hunter Trilogy

I’m a bit behind with my reviews as I’ve had other things on my mind, but more about that in another post later.

Oh, where do I start? I think I’ll tell you about the podcast sequels to Shadow Hunter by Terrence D McLean. The second book in the trilogy is called Chasing Shadows and the third book is Shadows Fall.

I remember when Terry started out with podcasting, about three or so years ago. Those first few episodes betrayed his nerves even though he desperately tried to hide it. But our voice is not easily controlled and I heard the nerves. I admired his courage because I do not believe I would have been able to even start a podcast, let alone to start and conquer the thing that makes us nervous and then go on and record three books. In fact, I know I wouldn’t be able to achieve this accomplishment, so a sincere “well done” must be sent through the airwaves to Terry. And as each episode was published, I knew he was feeling more confident and long before the end of the first book all thoughts of whether or not he was nervous were completely gone. In the second book he introduced guest readers, who adopted particular points of view to read, which gave a new dimension to the characters.

The Shadow Hunter trilogy is pure fantasy. If you love magic, demons, mystical objects and other worlds then you’re in for a treat. The world is fully developed and totally believable. As I listened to Terry tell his story, I had vivid images playing out in my mind. The characters are likeable, flaws and all. Even the ones we are not supposed to like, play their parts extremely well. The scenes are captivating for many reasons. They were fast paced, drawing me from one catastrophe to the next. One scene would have me listening to strong battles where my heart beat would speed up a little and the next scene might bring tears to my eyes (literally) because of the emotion contained in the story, which was beautifully conveyed by Terry.

I listened to all three books, one after the other, which meant I was listening to the story of Shalli and her world for several weeks. When the podcasts came to an end, I actually felt sad. It was over and I don’t think I was quite ready for the end. A friend told me that he had just finished watching a TV series. He said that he felt like a good friend was leaving forever, which left him feeling sad and quiet. I understood what he meant because I had just finished listening to the Shadow Hunter trilogy and I felt exactly like that.

Shadow Hunter by Terrence D McLean, and its sequels, are recommended. You can find the podcasts, completely free, at iTunes.

Podcasts Invades My iPod Touch

Searching for a particular something on iTunes, which I didn’t find, I finally decided to download two podcasts and give them a try – one was Creatures of the Night Shorts and the other was Into the Woods.

First, I listened to Creature of the Night Shorts. I’ve never really been a huge fan of short stories, but you can’t have an opinion on something if you haven’t tried it so my thought was to spend an hour (which was the length of the podcast) listening to short stories and then switch over to music. What could I lose? I had nothing else to do.

I lost nothing, but gained a whole lot. There were three stories of varying lengths. The main one being Popsy by Steven King, read by an actor from the Sopranos (I can’t remember his name). The reader was excellent. He made the characters come alive. I really enjoyed the telling and I really enjoyed the author’s twisted ending. It was great. Totally worth listening to. The second story was quite short. It was a humorous Transylvanian type story set in a suspicious hotel, where more happened under the cover of darkness than it did during the day. You know the type, the ones where you check in, but don’t check out! And the third story seemed a little out of place, as it wasn’t a horror story, but it was about a creature of the night so that’s why it was included. It was read by the author and she gave it a personal, “this is real” touch. It was mysterious and gave me goosebumps, even though the storyline was not scary in the slightest.

Honestly, I’m not sure what’s happening to me lately. I’m suddenly developing fondness for things I’ve never enjoyed. Weird! Maybe, where short stories are concerned, I just prefer to have them read to me. Anyway, the podcast is produced by a radio station – PRI – and I intend to head back to iTunes and subscribe so I get some more. Note: When I headed over to iTunes to get a link to the podcast, I discovered the one I listened to seems to have been removed.

The other podcast I listened to was Into the Woods, a novel by David Wood. I downloaded this one because I thought of it as an audio book and I like listening to audio books on the way to work. I soon discovered there is a definite difference between podcast and audio books. With an audio book you get the whole book and you listen to the entire thing at your own pace. With a podcast, unless the author has completed recording the entire book, you get chapters when they become available…and the wait between parts could be quite long.

I hadn’t taken this into account when I spotted Into the Woods. There were about thirteen parts to it so I downloaded the lot, but later found out it wasn’t the complete story. I had no idea what to expect from the story and was open to whatever surprise I might get. It turns out this novel is an historical adventure novel, set in frontier America in the 1700’s. Straight away I liked the author’s style of writing (and reading) and was drawn into the story. I especially liked how the author doesn’t drone on and on with unnecessary description of setting and weather etc. This story is straight to the point, giving the necessary information and then moving on. Because of this, I was hooked. I rather enjoyed the romance thread too! When I reached the last podcast and realised the story wasn’t over, I was disappointed, because I’m not one for waiting for the next instalment. However, that will not deter me. I’ve subscribed to receive future instalments. I believe the podcast is also available as a digital download from Smashwords and in paperback from Amazon.