Anthology: Press Release

I’m a writer, but now I’m trying my hand at marketing. I’ve borrowed a number of books from the library, which are giving me ideas to try. All of them talk about the importance of writing and distributing a press release upon publication.

There is a specific format to follow. Here are links to some examples:

Write a Press Release

Press Release Format

Tips, Guidelines and Templates for Writing an Effective Press Release

Writing a press release is not easy. It took me many, many days of fiddling with words, then rejecting what I had and starting again before I ended up with something I was satisfied with. Even though there are a number of free distribution packages, I chose to purchase a distribution package through The package meant higher visibility, in more places online and world wide and regional distribution for newspapers and radio too. Of course, there is no guarantee the press release will be picked up by anyone. That is a risk I took and it’s too soon to know if the $60 I spent was well spent or not. Let’s just hope it was.

The first press release has been distributed and a copy of it can be read by following the link below:

Writers Worldwide Join Forces to Publish Speculative Fiction Anthology

Update on Planning

You are probably sick of hearing about this, but I’m happy to announce that my planning is going extremely well. My goal was to complete this task by the 19th – I have two days to go – and I’m almost there.

All I have to do is rewrite my one page synopsis. The original was quite poor but since I’ve managed to fill in many of those holes, this rewrite will be a vast improvement.

My next goal is to rewrite/edit my anthology story by the end of the month.