The King’s Riddle

The Land of Miu Series, Book 2
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A Miuan princess and her guard-in-training have activated the volcano deep beneath the tunnels in which they live and must solve an ancient riddle to save the people of Miu.

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Princess Alara and her guard-in-training, Siptah, have done something unthinkable. By accident, they activated the volcano deep below the tunnels in which they live. If they can’t stop the volcano from erupting the whole of Miu will be lost.

But that isn’t the only problem they have, their fathers are missing and time is running out, so it’s up to them to fix things by themselves. A clue found in the king’s chamber suggests their human friends, Kate and Emma, must come back to Manu to help them. Can the group of friends overcome their fears and frustrations and solve an ancient riddle in time to save the Land of Miu?

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22 May 2015


978-0-9943362-1-7 (ebook)




The Land of Miu Series


Children's Fiction, Fantasy


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6 reviews for The King’s Riddle

  1. Milly

  2. Crystal

    I wanted to give this book a 4.5 but since that’s not an option I feel better going with a five star than a four star rating. This is a great little book for kids/tweens and I enjoyed it myself too. It is fun, imaginative, and engaging while still providing a message about personal growth that is perfect for kids, and even some adults. 😉 I haven’t read the first book but I think it would be wise to read them in order, though it’s not entirely necessary. I will be reading book one with my son soon and looking for book three when it comes out.

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  3. Susan Keefe

    The King’s Riddle is a charming adventure set in land hidden from the view of most of us….. When disaster threatens to strike, friends unite in their quest to find the riddle’s answer. A beautiful tale of love and loyalty in an imaginary land.

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  4. Mirrani

    For some reason I was put in mind of the Warriors series when I read this book. Admittedly, I have not had experience with this series before The King’s Riddle was given to me, but I did catch on to the somewhat cat-like theme. The main characters within the story were well laid out and there were parts of “medieval” life that typically get left out of many books of this nature which were included here. A king is a king, but he has a friend or two, someone he trusts. Just because a person serves under you does not deny that friendship. I think that touched me the most, the relationships between parents and children (which weren’t touched on much in this book, but were felt all the same) and between friends and companions.

    I’d recommend this book for younger readers who love adventure chapter books. It reads quickly but pulls you in to the events as they happen through the book. Additionally, I felt that the author had spent a good deal of time working out the culture of the people involved in this book. That shows well in the writing and storytelling and the mystery of a new culture always adds to an adventure of this type.

    Note: Though this book was a free gift from the author, the content of my review was in no way influenced by the gifting. The book speaks for itself and my review would have been worded just this way even if I’d gone out and bought it. I also give bonus points for Text To Speech enabling on Kindle format…. but that also wasn’t a factor in the above review.

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  5. Kindle Customer

    when is 3 coming out loved 1 & 2

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  6. Anonymous

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