Links: All Things Medieval

Lasted updated on 2 December 2012.

This is a list of links I’ve collected over the years from message boards and email groups I’ve owned. To make it easier for you I have categorised them. Although I have a plugin that checks for invalid links on a weekly basis, should you discover a broken link or a link that goes to a page that is not as described, please let me know by using the contact form.

If you know of a site that doesn’t appear here, but should, contact me and I will review your suggestion.

I hope you find the links on this page helpful!

Armour and Weapons

Pictoral Glossary of ArmorCourtesy of Loud G
Medieval Weaponry, OffensiveCourtesy of The Scribe
Swords of Honor A good sight featuring pictures of swords, shields, armour, guns, clothes, jewellery from the middle ages and the renaissance. For people who like dressing up. Good inspiration though. – Courtesy of Blitzen


Castles of Britain Learning CenterCourtesy of Loud G
Castles of ScotlandCourtesy of Loud G
Castles of WalesCourtesy of Loud G
Castles of HollandCourtesy of DragonWriter
Skipton Castle This gives one a better idea how thick the walls were. Note the narrow interior approaches to the tower windows on the 3d page. Also one gets a sense of the castle layout, the location of the kitchen, dungeon banquet hall, etc. – Courtesy of Wordwright
Gwernogle Castle Easy to understand floor plan. – Courtesy of Wordwright
Here’s a nice list of castle terms, their explanations and some picturesCourtesy of Firlefanz
Rooms in a Medieval CastleCourtesy of Scribe

Clothing, Material and Fashion

Ravensgard Costuming and Textiles PageCourtesy of The Scribe
Footwear of the Middle AgesCourtesy of The Scribe
The Costume SourceCourtesy of Toadbears (email group)
Shirts and smocks – The basic undergarment for men and women – Courtesy of Wordwright
Sherts, Trewes, and Hose – A Survey of Medieval Underwear. And no, I did not misspell shirt, shert is a medeival spelling of the word. – Courtesy of Wordwright
Early CorsetryCourtesy of Wordwright

Cooking and Food

Tales of cookingCourtesy of Blitzen
Homelife and cookingCourtesy of Blitzen
The role of the sweet onionCourtesy of Blitzen
Everything you ever wanted to know about food in the middle ages – well almostCourtesy of Blitzen
Stefan’s Florilegium Archives (food source while travelling, tourney and war food, pickled food composed of mixed fruits and vegetables, storage, bottles and stoppers, sausage making, bread and heaps more – Courtesy of Wordwright
Medieval Kitchen & EquipmentCourtesy of The Scribe
The History of Eating UtensilsCourtesy of Wordwright
Medieval/Renaissance Food Homepage There are probably another 60 links related to cooking in medieval times – Courtesy of Wordwright
Food in the Middle AgesCourtesy of Toadbears (email group)


Medieval Schools and UniversitiesCourtesy of Wordwright

Everyday Life

Sir Clisto’s Tome – Anything MedievalCourtesy of Addi30
Internet Medieval SourcebookCourtesy of The Scribe
Stefan’s Florilegium ArchivesCourtesy of Wordwright
Medieval LifeCourtesy of Cleokatrah
The Village of Wichamstow (reenactment of a medieval village online) – Courtesy of Cleokatrah
Medieval Europe Extensive links on a multitude of subjects. – Courtesy of Wordwright
The Orb: Online Resource for Medieval studies Opening page has a great medieval glossary. – Courtesy of Wordwright
Medieval Daily LifeCourtesy of Wordwright
Medieval English TownsCourtesy of Wordwright


The Medieval Age – A decent world overview and an introduction to feudalism. – Courtesy of Wordwright


Farkle (dice) Courtesy of Cleokatrah
Piquet (cards)Courtesy of Cleokatrah
Rules for Period GamesCourtesy of Cleokatrah
Historic Games Courtesy of Cleokatrah

More links to be added soon.