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Following is a list of posts I’ve written on the subject, including updates on my own family tree research.

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Last updated on 3 September 2017.

At the very least, you should bookmark and use the following websites in the search for your ancestors.


When researching Australian data, I always use these two sites in conjunction with each other. It’s amazing how much information I’ve obtained from the two.

NSW Births, Deaths and Marriages – With wise search techniques, you’ll find heaps of information through this website – sometimes, whole families.
Australian Cemeteries Index – I find the best results are obtained by using the Name Search (found in the left hand sidebar) and typing in the surname only. A list of all the tombstones listed will appear and often they can be cross referenced with the information you already have from your search of the NSW Births, Deaths, and Marriages website. You can also download images of the inscriptions too, for free.


FreeBMD – Search for birth, marriage and death records for free. Not a lot of information given, but it’s a good starting point and/or way to confirm information you have.
English Census Online – it’s free to search, but there’s a charge if you want to download a copy of a document.
Lancashire Births Marriages and Deaths – handy for those with family living in the area. Not especially user friendly, in my opinion.

Manchester City Library – has a free database for researching your family tree.


Irish Census for 1901 and 1911 – It’s fully searchable and it’s free.


ScotlandsPeople – A government website that shares information about births, marriages, deaths, wills and coats of arms. Not sure if it’s free, but you do have to create an account and login to perform searches.

Other Useful Resources:

Below are links to other resources that you may find helpful. I am not affiliated with any of the sites. I will add new links as I find them and feel free to suggest websites to be included in the list, by using the contact form below.

Legacy Family Tree – I have been using this software for many years and love it.
Find a Grave – A useful way to fill in the blanks. Be sure to verify the information elsewhere though.
Family Search – it’s free and holds millions of records. My only concern when searching member family trees is that anyone can change the content. Searching the records can be beneficial though. – you must of heard of this site. It’s a great source, but can be expensive. I have a tree here that I use as a research tree. My “real” tree is kept on my computer, for privacy reasons.