Juggling Projects

After several days of research, I’ve discovered that there’s not much information on writing non-fiction to be found on the internet…unless you don’t mind paying for it.

Yes, there is information, but not the kind of information I really want, like how to plan. (If you have links you would like to share, please feel free to do so. However, your comment will probably be marked for moderation as a result, please don’t be offended. I’ll approve your comment as soon as I can.)

I intend to visit the library soon – probably on the weekend – to see what books they have on writing non-fiction. I’ve never looked for this topic before, so I might be in for a surprise. Good or bad, I won’t know until I get there.

Meanwhile, the edit of Cat’s Paw has slowed to a halt. I’ve had a grand total of ten hours sleep in three nights, so my mind refuses to concentrate on words for any length of time. I’m visiting my GP on Friday morning about this constant lack of sleep. I don’t know what will come of that. At this stage, I can’t see me returning to the edit until first thing Friday morning (like 6am before I go to see the doctor), or sometime on Friday afternoon.

Why Write Non-Fiction

Several websites dealing with non-fiction tips ask the same question “why do you want to write the book?” I’ve had several writing friends ask me the same question (not in the “you shouldn’t be doing this” sense). Some people have said that it will take a lot of energy and strength; others have said I will need to be brave, but I can brush those cautions aside. Everything in my life zaps my energy and I have to be brave every day.

In light of the above, I have decided to make a short list on why I should do this non-fiction project.

  • Because there is a market out there, unfortunately. I say unfortunately, because the topic is suicide and, in all honesty, I wish books of this kind were not needed. I wish our children, and our elderly, didn’t feel the need to end their lives prematurely for whatever reasons they have. But, in real life, it is happening…much more than any ordinary person realises.
  • Because it’s important to raise awareness about suicide and writing a book about my own experiences will open the eyes of other people…people who had never thought about the consequences of suicide, who also think it could never happen to them. It could.
  • Because writing this book will be therapy for me. Yes, it will make me revisit places I don’t want to go, but it will also make me face issues from all angles and maybe that will help me heal in the long term.
  • Because deep in my heart I know this book needs to be written, and I’m passionate to get the message across – there are always other options. Always. This is the most important reason of all. It drives me on. If I can help another family keep their child, then all the misery and heartbreak I’ve been through will not be in vain.

By turning the emotions I feel every day into something positive and worth while, I believe I will be helping me, but eventually I will be helping other families and that is reason enough to do this project.