2006 – Year of the Writer

Not officially, but for me, 2006 is going to be the year of the writer. I want to have several manuscripts ready for submission by the end of next year, and I’d like to see at least a short story published. Hmmm, means I have to write a few; better get cracking.

This is serious and here’s my plan for the next few months:

1) Do the final edit of the short story for the 2005 Anthology in December 2005.
2) Collect all the 2005 Anthology stories in January 2006 and start submitting.
3) Finish edit of Cat’s Eyes by January 2006.
4) Write a short story (up to 5000) for the Women’s Weekly short story competition. Due beginning of February 2006.
5) Have Cat’s Eyes professional edited in January/February 2006.
6) Start writing Disappearance (sequel to Cat’s Eyes) in February 2006.
7) Do final revision of Cat’s Eyes and start submitting no later than April 2006.
8) Continue planning book 3 and another stand alone novel between now and when Disappearance has been written.

When I relate this to my previous post — a lonely writer is a productive writer, for me anyway. 😀

Getting Revved Up

The weight has lifted from my shoulders and now I must focus on writing because 2006 is going to be an important year for me. I don’t intend to sit back and wait for something to happen, I’m going to get revved up and MAKE something happen. I’m going to take action and control of my future. I’m tired of letting other things get in the way.

I’ve already told the anthology participants that there will be no anthology in 2006, and perhaps never again. I have already taken huge steps away from my message board. And I’m actively looking for ways to get quick feedback on the chapters I’ve written. So far, that’s going nowhere fast. Along with these things, I’ve been planning three stories and I’ve been thinking about a short story I want to write as well.

In other words, the battle plan is drawn and now I will start putting that plan into motion. Not more than an hour ago, I decided that I’m not going to wait for Cat’s Eyes to go that step further before starting the sequel. If I’m going to be a serious, professional writer then I have to learn to do more than one project at a time.

I will wait ‘till the first weekend in December and then I’ll print Cat’s Eyes and read it through properly. In the meantime, I will step up my planning so that I can start writing as soon as possible.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to be sending the manuscript to an editor in December. Most people will be thinking about Christmas and my manuscript will be mostly overlooked. I’ll wait until the new year and then I’ll let the clutch out and I’ll be away.

With luck, I’ll have half the sequel written by then.

Feeling Calmer

[ Personal Content Removed ]

However, I’ve finished my manuscript which makes writing difficult. Never mind. This weekend I will start the editing phase. Until then, I’m planning my next … wait for it … no, not my next project but my next two projects. It started out to be the sequal to Cat’s Eyes but ended up being two stories. The themes came to me this afternoon, and one storyline is almost fully worked out already. The other storyline needs some thought, and I need distracting so…put the two together and this sounds like a great plan to me.

Having a goal is important to me. It gives me a purpose and at my age, I need a reason for … no, not living – for being where I am in life. It gives me hope that the mistakes of the past will not be with me in the future.