The Patter of Little Feet

I started knitting, and even tried my hand at crochet, over the winter months. I’ve knitted for years, and although I don’t consider myself advanced, I do like to try different things. Stops the boredom.

My first project was small and quick to help get in the mood. There’s nothing like starting and finishing something on the same day to inspire me. Besides I knew a couple of young ladies who were/are expecting their first baby and thought I’d make something for them.

I knitted a pink and blue pair of these simple booties. Honestly, they are quick to knit up and easy to sew together. In fact, the video that I used was made especially for beginners. Here’s the link:

I knew one of the women was having a baby girl (I say was because she has given birth to her gorgeous daughter about a month or so ago). The other woman has decided not to know the gender of her baby, so it will be a surprise when the time comes.

With this in mind, I decided to make a newborn baby cardigan for each of them. Naturally, I made a pink one for the little girl, but not knowing the sex of the other, I went for a multi-coloured yarn for the other baby.

I chose this pattern because it is knitted in one piece, from the neck down, which I had never attempted before. In case you’re interested, the 5 Hour Knit Baby Sweater pattern can be found here.

It took me longer than five hours, but I easily completed one cardigan in two or three sittings (depending on the length of each sitting). The biggest issue, for me, was how to fix the underarm area. The yarn stretches a fair bit, leaving an unsightly mess to be honest. Or, maybe it was just me. Anyway, I had to return to YouTube to find a tutorial on how to fix that, but (sorry) I’m unable to find the video that I used now.

The end result was great. Add a few buttons and the cardigan is done. For the little girl, I also knitted a beanie to match the cardigan as she was born in the middle of winter. I won’t bother knitting one for the other baby as it will be a late spring baby and won’t need one.

Anyway, the cardigans, the booties and the beanie were my first knitting projects for the year. I enjoyed knitting them, but wanted to spread my wings and try something a bit harder next. I’ll write another post about that soon.

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