Audio review: The Mummy Case

The Mummy Case

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Mummy Case by Elizabeth Peters

The blurb: Join our plucky Victorian Egyptologist , together with her devastatingly handsome and brilliant husband Radcliffe, in another exciting escapade.

The irascible husband of Victorian Egyptologist Amelia Peabody is living up to his reputation as ‘The Father of Curses’. Denied permission to dig at the pyramids of Dahshoor, Emerson is awarded instead the ‘pyramids’ of Mazghunah – countless mounds of rubble in the middle of nowhere. Nothing in this barren spot seems of any interest but then a murder in Cairo changes all of that.

The dead man was an antiques dealer, killed in his shop, so when a sinister-looking Egyptian spotted at the crime scene turns up in Mazghunah, Amelia can’t resist following his trail. At the same time she has to keep an eagle eye on her wayward son Rameses and his elegant and calculating cat and look into the mysterious disappearance of a mummy case…

My review: Book 3 of the series. Enter Ramses, Amelia and Emerson’s son. He’s a totally different character who blends nicely with his mum and dad’s personalities. A chip off the old block? Not sure about that, but he seems to be a quieter version of his parents. However, his knowledge is great and he tends to follow trouble, or does it follow him?

I listened to the first three books in the series between May and June 2019 and I’m only just getting around to writing the review. I notice I gave this one three stars. Seems a bit nasty of me now, but I must of had good reasons at the time. Although I can’t remember them now. Maybe listening to three in a row was a bit much. Not sure.

The mystery side of the book is where, I felt, it was let down. I guess I noticed a bit of a formula happening (that’s what happens when you read them one after the other, and within quick succession). Anyway, the formula made the mystery predictable.

Don’t get me wrong, the book is good. The characters are the main draw card. Still love them to bits. And I would still recommend them to avid readers.

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