Audio review: Storm Boy

Storm Boy

Storm Boy by Colin Thiele

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The blurb: Storm Boy is the timeless story of Mike ‘Storm Boy’ Kingley, who rescues three pelican chicks after their mother is shot. One of the birds, Mr Percival, forms a very special bond with the boy which brings into focus the conflict between his lifestyle in the remote Coorong of South Australia and the external pressures of society, including his schooling.

Treasured by generations of children, this is a heartwarming tale about unusual friendship and unconditional love.

My review: My family saw this at the drive-in movies when I was young. All I really remember was that I cried my eyes out. It was so sad. When I saw the audiobook at my local library, I decided to take a visit down memory lane.

The story is set in Australia and has a lot of local colloquialisms or slang. I think it’s brilliant, authentic, and I hope people from other countries learn something about Australia when reading (or listening) to this book.

The characters are rich and the scenes seem real and complete. As I mentioned before, there is a sad element. And if you do read the book, be sure to have tissues close by. It’s a short book, but every word is used for full punch. Loved the book and the movie.


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