Survival Pouch

Here’s another post regarding survival in the wild, on land or at sea. Click on “survival tips” below this post to reading other posts on the subject.

The survival pouch must be waterproof and large enough to take a mess tin. The pouch, ideally, will be attached to your belt by a strong loop. Use whatever you feel is best, but ensure it is strong and will not come undone easily.

The contents should include:

  • Fuel tablets in their own stove container.
  • Signal flares. Use with care, but remember these are explosives, so follow the instructions on the packaging, when storing.
  • Mess tin, can be used for cooking.
  • Marker panel. Fluorescent strip for signaling (about 30 x 200cm. A silver thermal blanket is ideal.
  • Matches packed in a waterproof container.
  • Brew kit i.e. tea bags, sachets of milk and sugar.
  • Food, i.e. tubes of butter, dehydrated meat, chocolate, salt tablets or electrolite powder.
  • Survival bag, a heat-insulated bag about 60 x 200cm of reflective material that keeps you warm and free of condensation.
  • Survival log, a diary to write in.

If you are planning to go hiking or something similar, then I can see the list being doable. You will have time to shop for them, either in person or online. However, in a true emergency situation, most people would not have a majority of these things on hand.

With this in mind, you have two options. The first is to prepare now, just in case. Think of yourself as Sheldon Cooper and stash emergency bags near the front and back doors of your residence and workplace. You may be thanking him (and me) later for the suggestion.

The second option is to wing it. Grab what you can when (if) the time ever comes. And take a mental note of the types of things you need to keep an eye open for when you’re on the run (from zombies).

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