Download Issues Fixed

It came to my attention earlier today that my ebooks could not be downloaded from this website. I’ve spent several hours today trying to work out why. All the settings were correct. Nothing seemed wrong, but alas no matter what I did I could not purchase and download my own books. And if I couldn’t, then that meant no one could. I wonder how many people tried, failed and moved on without letting me know. Never mind.

The problem was finally discovered and rectified. Please go ahead and try it for yourself. If you do experience issues, please let me know immediately.

If not, enjoy the book(s). Remember, The Land of Miu, book 1 of the series, is 100% free. Please download, read, share your thoughts, and share with others.

Thank you.

My next issue to fix, is the layout of the shop pages. Not happy with them. Haven’t been for a while, but haven’t had time to fix it. But I will. Soon.

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