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At present, most of my belongings are packed away. This has been the case for over three years. However, in October, that will change. We will move into our forever home and we will finally unpack everything we own. It will be exciting to see what we have. It will be even more exciting to see and touch and use our things again.

Amidst the excitement of that, I feel especially excited to have my own writing space again. I’m not sure what that space will look like as yet. I can envision an assortment of wonderful writing spaces. Some include a deserted island with everything I would ever need. Or one of those grass huts suspended above tranquil water, with a beautiful blue sky overhead and a temperature to die for. But I doubt I’ll end up with anything of that nature.

I will settle for a cosy space, that is quiet. It would be nice to have light and airy. And it would be absolutely out of this world to have two screens. In fact, I will not settle for less this time round. On all of this. By that I mean the peace and quiet, the light and airy and the two screens. Not the island or hut over water. No hope of that.

Anyway, my upcoming writing space is taking shape in my mind. I look forward to seating myself in that space in the near future and delving into old worlds and new.

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Writing Space”

  1. Peace and quiet is an essential for me. That’s all I need. And being able to assume a posture for writing where I will be comfortable for hours at a time. I need that. But, that’s all I need. Peace and quiet, and to be comfortable for hours.

    And my mug. I need my mug. Peace and quiet, comfortable for hours, and my mug. That’s all I need. And my paddle game. Peace and quiet, comfortable for hours, my mug and the paddle game. That’s all I need.

    And these matches… But that’s all. Peace and quiet, being comfortable for hours, my mug, the paddle game, and these matches. That’s all I need.

    (Thank you, Steve Martin.)

  2. No, no, no games. Can’t have games. I’d never write! 😀

    Actually, even having the Internet is a bad idea for me, I’m easily distracted. So I will have to set some grounds rules:

    No games.
    No internet.
    No TV or radio.
    Must concentrate and write.

    I’m ready to go. When I get a writing space, of course.


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