Book Review: The Dark

The Dark (The Dead #2) The Dark by David Gatward

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This is the second book of “The Dead” series. The first book was great – filled with non-stop action, gore and suspense. I really enjoyed it.

However, the second book was nothing in comparison. It seemed to go in circles. It was repetitive and I found the main character to be beyond annoying. I just wanted to thump him and demand he pull himself together and DO something instead of complaining all the time.

It felt as if the author was writing from the seat of his pants and didn’t know where to go next and gathered the characters together so they could chat for a while until he worked it out. The first time it happened, I was okay with it, but the second time I wasn’t so forgiving, and all the times after that was just plain irritating. The ‘chats’ discussed the same things over and over and over again.

And when an important question was asked, the answer was never given. It’s fine to plant the question into the reader’s mind but I believe there has to be a more subtle way to do it. Having something happen at that moment or to have the person reply “you’ll find out later” or “you’re not ready for the answer” is a cop out.

I was over it! And, unfortunately, these things and the main character’s reaction to practically everything that happened tore me out of the zone and I had no reason or inclination to get back into the story. It was hard work reaching the end of the book after that happened.

I have the third book but, at this stage, I’m not sure if I’ll read it.