Win $100 for a Promo Video

Yes, that’s right, I’m willing to give someone $100.00 for the winning promotion video. However, there are guidelines so keep reading if you think you have the know-how to enter this … competition/work offer.

I don’t have the know-how and that’s why I’m willing to run this competition (for lack of a better word); and why I’m prepared to pay the money. If you submit a video and I like it, then I’ll be paying you for full exclusive use of that video, to use in any way I see fit, for as long as I want.

Firstly, there are three categories and three chances of grabbing $100.00. That means, if I receive videos that I like and want to use in each category then I will pay the submitter(s) $100.00 for each video chosen, which is a total of $300.00.

Secondly, the $100.00 will be paid in Australian dollars. I will pay through PayPal if you live overseas or I will do a bank transfer (or pay through PayPal, if your prefer) if you live within Australia.

Thirdly, I reserve the right not to pick any submitted videos, if they are not to my liking. In other words, I’m not going to pick something I don’t want to use. That would be wasting money and I’m not into doing that.

The Categories:

1. A promo for the Hope Anthology (refer to Hope Anthology webpage).
2. A promo for the Night Terrors Anthology (refer to official webpage).
3. A promo for The Land of Miu series (refer to webpages for Book 1 and Book 2 and upcoming release page for Book 3).

The Guidelines:

1. The video must be under 3 minutes.
2. The video must be tied to the book (or books in the case of category 3) in some way.
3. Everything used in the video – music, images, sounds, voice overs, etc – must not be copyrighted in any way.

That’s it for the guidelines. I don’t want to restrict your imagination by saying any more so the rest is up to you.

If you would like to obtain higher definitions of the cover art work, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Submissions will be accepted up until 31 January 2013 by sending them to my email address, which is karenleefield AT gmail DOT com.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with. 😀

Picking Up the Pieces

Back in March of this year I wrote a post called A Stroke in Life where I said I had had a stroke at the beginning of the year and was put on injections to try and stop me having another stroke. I had the understanding it would be six weeks before my body started getting used to the affects of the injection.

Boy, was I wrong!

It was six months. Six months of hell, I might add. 2012 has been a year best forgotten. And believe me, if it wasn’t for the fact that I felt lousy the entire time I would be able to forget because I’ve done virtually nothing worth remembering. I’ve had little to no social life. I’ve done no writing. I’ve barely had the strength to go outside, let alone walk around shops or parks or any other place of interest.

But I didn’t start this post to complain. I started this post to tell you that despite how horrid the year has been, I am finally starting to feel much better. I’ve actually been putting my hair up and I’ve been using nail polish and I’ve been buying new clothes. These are such small things, but I feel as if I’m living again and that alone makes me want to smile more.

Talking of smiling, the people I know in ‘real’ life have actually been saying to me, “you look different”, meaning I’m smiling. They are happy to see it. I’m happy to do it.

In the last four weeks I’ve caught up on all my paperwork. I’ve done all the housework. I’ve visited all my friends and family. I’ve also been on a wonderful holiday. Life is good.

The last hurdle I had to approach was restarting my course. The last unit I submitted I received a ‘fail’. I was devastated when I saw it. All the previous assignments I had obtained a distinction or high distinction so to suddenly get a fail was not good. That one simple word made the hurdle much harder to approach, but I was mature enough to acknowledge that I did have a stroke shortly before submitting the unit and, luckily for me, the tutor (who didn’t know about the stroke) obviously realised something was out of the ordinary and she gave me the opportunity to resubmit the unit. I also knew that I wanted to finish the course and obtain the diploma I’ve worked hard for. It was difficult, but I had to force myself to face this hurdle. I spent two whole days redoing the unit and I posted it just over a week ago. I haven’t received a result as yet, but I am confident that the ‘fail’ will disappear and be replaced with a better mark. And I am studying the next unit and getting myself ready to start the assignment on Monday. So I can officially say that all hurdles have been faced and conquered.

Picking up the pieces of your life is not always easy. And sometimes, even with love and support, it really is down to you to take the first steps. Often, those steps in life seem extremely difficult but once you take them you look back and think “that was nowhere near as hard as I imagined it would be”.

And right now, that’s exactly how I feel. I’m over the hurdles, the sun is shining in my face and the great unknown is ahead of me. Did I mention, life is good?!

Edited on 15 November 2012: I received the revised assignment back today and I passed with flying colours! I am so relieved. 🙂