eBook Review: The Librarian (Book 1: Little Boy Lost)

The Librarian (Book One: Little Boy Lost)

The Librarian by Eric Hobbs

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

The story is about two friends who go on a class excursion to an old library. The library has been put on the demolition list and is due to be bulldozed to make room for a shopping centre. Whilst at the library strange things start to happen, which include characters from Peter Pan and the Wizard of Oz.

The book is for younger readers, but there is some swearing and minor violence in it.

I enjoyed the story, it was interesting. The main characters were likable. The young protagonist was a pain, but I felt sorry for him in some ways too. I liked the concept of the library and what happened within its walls. And I enjoyed the way the author put today’s kids into classic stories. I would have loved something like that to happen to me when I was a kid so I believe (for that reason) this will entice younger readers to the series.

I had two problems with the book: 1) I didn’t ‘feel’ the excitement the kids should have felt when they found themselves in Oz and that made the place feel unreal and wrong, and 2) I hate cliff hangers!

Having said that, I would read book 2 to find out what happens next.

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