Land of Miu Facebook Page

The difference between a Facebook Profile and a Facebook Page is simple; a Page can be accessed by anyone, even if they are not your “friend”, whereas a Profile can only be seen by friends (unless you have opted to change your privacy setting, which isn’t recommended due to identity theft). More importantly, the Page is accessible by search engines, such as Google, which gives your Page more SEO juice and we all know that web presence is important.

A Page doesn’t put that unseen barrier up. You know the one where a request for friendship is put through and the person waits and waits and waits, not knowing if the request was received or ignored or maybe the other person is really busy or never visits Facebook. With a Page, the individual visits the page and clicks on “Like” if they would to be kept informed about the product, service or whatever. When they no longer want or need the information they can return to the Page and click on “Unlike”. It’s so easy and simple.

Yesterday, I decided to set up a Page for my young readers books – the books set in the Land of Miu, including Book 1 “Cat’s Eyes”. I figure it’s a great way for me to share information on the books, the world and the characters – information that may not be divulged in the actual books. And in doing so, it might even generate enough interest so that potential readers want to rush out and buy themselves a copy. 😀

Feel free to check out the Page by clicking the link below.

A New Routine Means More Writing Time

Presently, I admit that I haven’t accepted my new job and my new life. Deep down, my mind thinks what’s happening right now is an interlude which will soon be over, at which time I’ll return to travelling and exhaustion. I know that isn’t the case and I guess acceptance will come as my confidence grows and time passes.

Now that I’ve completed the first week of “solo” work, I find myself thinking about how I want to arrange my new routine. The first week was upside down and inside out as we tried to work out what fits in where. Nothing seemed to work out well, I found myself to be unproductive and unsatisfied with what I ended up doing. G felt much the same.

Over the weekend I’ve found myself pondering how I want to structure my days. The questions I’ve been asking myself are: What worked in the last week? What didn’t work? And, what do I want to achieve in any given week? The answer to the last question is the one that really matters. I want to write on a daily basis (at least during the week). I want to continue reading on a regular basis. I want to enjoy life outdoors as much as possible, especially while the weather is good, as this is something I’ve missed out on over the last two years.

Without a doubt, I am a morning person, so I’ve decided to set my alarm for 7am. I can get up at any time I want as I don’t start work until between 2pm and 3.30pm, however, I don’t want to waste my day or my life sleeping in. Waking up at 7am will be good for me (especially as I used to get up at 5am). I’ll take my morning cup of tea into the computer room and will write for as long as the mood takes me. Some mornings I’ll have to force myself to write and I’ll be easily distracted (those days I probably won’t write much), other mornings the time will slip by unnoticed as the words fly onto the page. At first, I think it will be difficult for me to get into the rhythm of writing again as it’s something I haven’t done for a long time. I look forward to feeling my mind unwinding and the words flowing.

If I can write between 7 and 9, I’ll be happy, because that will allow several hours to do other things, such as take the dog for a walk, do chores around the house, go to the shops (which alone will be a novelty for me) or to the library, and a million other things that come to mind – things most people take for granted.

Luckily for me, I prefer to read in the afternoon or at night. It’s highly unlikely I’ll be able to fit in any reading time in those morning hours prior to going to work and I work the afternoon shift, so all my reading will need to be done in the evening. Once I know what I’m doing at work, my brain will not feel so taxed and I’ll have the energy to read so that won’t be a problem. I certainly won’t read as much as I did when I was travelling (which is the only down side now that I’m working close to home) but that shouldn’t matter. I’ll still read and I hope to continue to read all genres, all age groups and all lengths of stories (short and novel length). I’ve developed a thirst for a good book and I’ve got a long list of books to get through too so there’s no way I’m going to allow reading to take a back burner.

The new routine will start tomorrow!

Book Review: Fire in the Mist

Fire in the Mist (Arhel, #1)

Fire in the Mist by Holly Lisle

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After the destruction of her village, Faia’s powers are realised not only by herself but by every mage in the world. Suddenly, she is wanted by all and feared by them as well, however, as everyone agreed that it was important to train the wild magic before more destruction occurs something had to be done. She is taken to the city, where men occupy half and women occupy the other half. The division is long standing and the reasons behind it are debatable. Upon her arrival, mysterious things start to happen which turn the two halves of the city against each other.

I found the plot to be complex and a little confusing at times, but not enough to distract me from what was happening. I liked Faia and wanted to know what would become of her. Thinking about it now, I can’t say she grew much throughout the story, but that also didn’t put me off. She had a strong personality and I believe that was enough to hold my attention.

I enjoyed the way the story was written. It was done in such a way that made me read on, when I should have put the book aside and done something else. As a result, I got through the book quite fast (although personal circumstances made me put the book aside for more than three weeks when I was about 75% of my way through the book).

Although I know this is the first book of three, I don’t have to read the other books, if I don’t want to. I was satisfied with the ending. Yet I am willing to purchase the next book and continue on with Faia’s story.

Hello 2011

Out with the old. In with the new. It might sound cliché, but it’s exactly how I feel. With luck, I’m hoping to put the past to rest and move on to better, brighter things.

Hopes for 2011

We were just watching the fireworks which graced the night sky as the New Year came into being. It was a beautiful sight and right in the middle of it, we glimpsed a falling star!

It was whiter and brighter than any of the fireworks. It shot across the dark sky, drawing our attention with it. “I hope that’s a positive sign for a good year,” I thought.

I want 2011 to be wonderful for you and for me. I want it to be a year when marvellous things happen, great things are discovered and happiness touches everyone is some way.

Closer to home, I would like 2011 to be a year filled with good health, great writing and much happiness.

I’m not a person to make New Year resolutions. They are usually promises that we do not keep or can’t keep because they are unrealistic. I do believe in making personal goals that are achievable though. However, I have none to make right now, except one:

1. Write. Write. Write.

That is my one and only goal – to write frequently.

Where ever you are, what ever you are doing, I wish for you the very best life can offer in 2011.

Happy New Year!