Personal Challenges

The current unit is hard, taxing on the brain, challenging. My initial thought, “this will be easy!” was totally incorrect. So far, this unit has proved I’m not only stupid, but I’m incredibly slow.

Talk about falling flat on your face! I’ve done that and it hurts.

My vocabulary is shot – and, by the way, I can’t even say the word out loud without stumbling. I’ve been advised to read the dictionary more often. And then, at work, I’m told I’m too quiet and must stand up and speak out more often (in fact, to back this up, my team leader has informed me that I’ll be ‘heading’ the next meeting…brilliant!)

These situations have done nothing to improve my confidence. However, I’m not a quitter (well, not for long anyway) and I have forged ahead with the unit (I’m hoping my team leader will forget his threat about the meeting). I’m still only half way through the unit but I’ve written the required short fiction. Literary fiction! Again, I feel out of my depth. I write genre fiction, not literary (yet another word that doesn’t come to my lips easily).

The course tells me literary fiction is easy to write, genre fiction is difficult. Sorry, my experience is the other way around. Anyway, I was required to fictionalise an event from my past. Luckily, I have five decades of the past to choice from so it was easy to come up with ‘an event’ that could be made to sound more interesting than it actually was.

I finished the story yesterday, so on Monday I’ll return to the unit and see if I can move forward with it, at last.

In other news, the final edits of the manuscripts for Hope have been done and the stories will be submitted by the end of next week. And, a new printer has been found in Australia and contracts have been signed. This is an exciting time, but it also means my work load will double in coming weeks so don’t be surprised if I disappear for a while.

OK, my whinging session is over. You can go back to what you were doing now. 😀

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