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When Cat’s Eyes was published in December 2010, there was an indication at the back of the book that Cat’s Paw would be published three months later – in March 2011. It’s obvious that hasn’t happened. Why, you may be asking.

The printer used for Cat’s Eyes used to be quite good. The first time I used them, for Speculative Realms, the service was great. My lack of experience meant I had to seek help several times and I always received it within 24 hours, and the instructions were clear and concise. Two years later, when I was ready to publish Cat’s Eyes, I returned to them and noticed a definite change straight away. All indications showed a plummet in service level, to almost non-existent. There were so many bad stories going around and ignored pleas for help, that it made me wonder if I were doing the right thing using the company again. However, for various reasons, I decided to forge ahead and, luckily, do not have to add my name to the list of people who needed help and didn’t get it.

Yet, my gut tells me not to take such a risk again. And I’ve decided to listen to my gut as it usually (but not always) serves me well.

At the beginning of this year, I started looking for another printer. I would have preferred one in Australia but every quote I received (and there were a lot) was VERY expensive. In truth, not even close in comparison to the printer I had already been using. This made me feel a little concerned, but I chose to continue looking.

Then I discovered Lightning Source. I researched the company, what people were saying about them, their prices and whatever else I could find out about them and discovered a possible replacement. Their offices were overseas, which wasn’t a problem, but the one recurring comment I kept seeing was their postal fees were high. I decided to start an account with them so that I could do some comparative research, but I kept getting this niggling feeling about the whole thing, which made me hesitant. That’s when I discovered they would be setting up shop in Australia. At that point, I made the decision to put everything on hold.

Today I found out the Australian office is open for business. At the news, I went straight to Lightning Source and asked some questions. It’s the weekend, so I don’t expect a response until Monday but my gut is telling me to follow this through to the end. When the account is set up and the comparative research done, I’ll decide what I’m going to do next.

At this stage, I believe I might have a new printer in Australia, but let’s not count our horses too soon.

2 thoughts on “Publishing Update”

  1. I think Jodi and eMergent publishing use them and have seen the books, one of which features a story by myself and am very happy with the quality.

  2. Yes, she does. I have a copy of 100 Stories for Queensland, which was printed by them and am pleased with the result.

    It’s scary moving to the unknown though… 😀


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