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Due to the injury I mentioned in my previous post, I’m trying to stay away from my laptop for a few days.

No, I haven’t caved already, I’ve been using my iPod Touch. I rarely use it for anything other than reading ebooks. However, today I’ve discovered it’s a great way of posting status updates to Twitter, checking out what’s happening on Facebook, and writing posts for this blog using my new discovery from WordPress — the WordPress for iOS app.

I can write posts and check comments on any of my WordPress blogs, hosted or self-hosted.

This post is being writing through the app. And I’m writing it with one finger and left-handed! This is quite something for someone who is right-handed and when that someone is a touch typist. It took longer than usual, but it wasn’t too bad.

I probably won’t use this app often but it is handy and is a sign of how we can adapt and how technology adapts.

2 thoughts on “WordPress for iOS”

  1. I’ve only used it to approve comments or mark them as spam, haven’t written a post yet. But plan to in situations where I want to live update my readers from somewhere cool, like if I was in the middle of a real important protest or something.

  2. I want to write at least two posts over the weekend about a movie I watched and a book I finished reading, but knowing the posts might be longer than what I could manage on the iPod Touch I decided to wait until I had full use of a keyboard. 🙂

    But, for me, it would be ideal for shorter posts and even answering comments. Can it do that? I don’t know.


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