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This website has been in existence since 2 November 2004. However, prior to that date the site was hosted by Blogger for a couple of years. Over the years, many posts have been written, some of which have also been deleted during numerous “clean ups”.

Recently, I received notification from my provider that I was nearing full capacity. This caused some concern for me. Questions went through my head. Should I purchase the next “plan”? Should I move to another provider? Should I find a way to archive my posts?

Not wanting to pay more than I already am on a website, I quickly rejected the first option. Having used my current provider for some years now and knowing their service is good and reliable, I didn’t want to entertain the second option (at this stage). I researched the third option, but found nothing worthwhile. This left me in a slight dilemma until a fourth option came to light and I started thinking about the number of images on the website, knowing they can take up a lot of room!

This weekend has seen me spend a lot of time behind the scenes, working hard on minimising content. First, I deleted all unwanted plugins and themes. That alone took me down almost 12%. Then I moved all the images to Flickr — not including the ones required for the theme, my book covers and my photo. There were many images, falling into four distinct categories (ie author and book covers, medieval, Egyptian and misc). All of them have been uploaded to Flickr and I’ve spent many hours linking the images to the relevant posts. It was hard work, but now that I’m finished I’m glad I did it as I gained another 18%.

I’ve gained 30% more space to use for writing posts. The next time I receive notification from my provider saying I’m nearing capacity…I don’t know what I’ll do, but hopefully I won’t have to worry about that for a while yet.

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