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The difference between a Facebook Profile and a Facebook Page is simple; a Page can be accessed by anyone, even if they are not your “friend”, whereas a Profile can only be seen by friends (unless you have opted to change your privacy setting, which isn’t recommended due to identity theft). More importantly, the Page is accessible by search engines, such as Google, which gives your Page more SEO juice and we all know that web presence is important.

A Page doesn’t put that unseen barrier up. You know the one where a request for friendship is put through and the person waits and waits and waits, not knowing if the request was received or ignored or maybe the other person is really busy or never visits Facebook. With a Page, the individual visits the page and clicks on “Like” if they would to be kept informed about the product, service or whatever. When they no longer want or need the information they can return to the Page and click on “Unlike”. It’s so easy and simple.

Yesterday, I decided to set up a Page for my young readers books – the books set in the Land of Miu, including Book 1 “Cat’s Eyes”. I figure it’s a great way for me to share information on the books, the world and the characters – information that may not be divulged in the actual books. And in doing so, it might even generate enough interest so that potential readers want to rush out and buy themselves a copy. 😀

Feel free to check out the Page by clicking the link below.

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