Diploma of Publishing

I’ve been thinking about this for some time and now that I have more time available to me I feel I should just bite the bullet and do it! As a result, I have read all the documentation and applied for the paperwork to be posted out to me as I have decided to go for a Diploma in Publishing. The course has been developed against the Australian Standards for Editing Practice and will give me the necessary qualifications to become an Editor, Book Editor, Copy Editor, Proofreader, Publishing Assistant, Script Editor, Sub-Editor, Freelance Editor and Proofreader.

Due to my location, I will do the course by correspondence which means I can pick the days and hours I want to study. I will have three years to complete the course, with a further two years for deferment if needed (which I am hoping not to use).

Some of the areas I will study include:

  • … the roles of the publisher, editor, copyeditor, proofreader, and author
  • … liaising with editors and authors and building relationships within the industry
  • … correcting editorial and linguistic errors (punctuation, grammar, spelling, etc.)
  • … checking proofs and marking up text using proof marks
  • … using style manuals and references
  • … marking up tables, indexes and illustrations
  • … on-screen editing and electronic mark up
  • … the publishing process
  • … establishing and running a freelance business from home.


Upon completion I will receive a Diploma of Publishing (Professional Book Editing, Proofreading & Publishing) and I will also receive a Statement of Attainment from the Diploma of Editing (Publishing) with 13 units of competency (which means I would have already covered that many units in the Higher Diploma, if I wish to go for that at a later stage).

As I have set up a small press, I feel receiving the diploma is the next step to making the business work. It will also mean I will be qualified to be an editor of future anthologies published by Kayelle Press. And it will mean I’ll be able to edit my own stories, which will improve the quality of my work. I am very excited about the future as I see the diploma as a positive step in the right direction.

I truly cannot wait to start studying!

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