Personal: A Change on the Horizon

No, I’m not going to change the template. I quite like this one and will be keeping it for a while yet. The change I refer to is of a personal nature. The change will affect my life in every way possible. More importantly, this change will have positive results on my writing.

Many of you know that I’ve been travelling to work for the last couple of years. Travelling as in long distance. Travelling as in two hours and ten minutes each way. Travelling as in a total of 21 hours a week! Then, on top of this, I’ve worked 40 hours a week and I’ve slept 37.5 hours a week (or tried to, at least). Then there’s the 4 hours taken up in walking to and from the station and waiting for the train each week. Don’t forget the 2.5 hours per week for the lunch breaks I’ve earned. And the 2.5 hours per week allocated to getting showered and dressed each morning. That leaves me with a grand weekly total of 12.5 hours. Of course, that isn’t all leisure time. I have to eat dinner, make my lunch for the next day, do something at least to help out around the house to prevent mutiny and spend time with my family and my pets. On average, I get an hour a day for me. I’m usually so tired I can’t think about characters, plots or settings. I’m lucky if I can think at all!

As of 10 December that will change. I have found employment closer to home. So close, in fact, that I will never have need of a car. If this was an old western, I would proudly tell you my new job is within spitting distance. However, as it’s not an old western and I’m too much of a lady to spit I’ll simply say that the job is just around the corner.

But that’s not all! Yes, there’s more. The job is permanent part-time. I’m going from a 40 hour week to a 25 hour week. This is something I’m really going to love! I’m saving 15 hours of work time, 21 hours of travel time, 4 hours of walk and waiting time. This adds up to 40 hours of life!


I’m going to have a life. I simply cannot believe it and cannot wait for that. I took it for granted before but now I will treasure it. As the reality of it all sinks in, I find myself excited by the prospect of daily writing time. I already plan to get up each morning and write for two hours (I will be working in the afternoons) before I have breakfast, get dressed and then do other life activities with family, friends and pets. If I can make this a habit then I’ll find a new routine that includes everything I’ve been missing for so long, including a generous writing time.

I’ve waited patiently for a very long time, and now I have received my wish. I am so happy.

2 thoughts on “Personal: A Change on the Horizon”

  1. Karen,

    Glad that you are making a change that will impact your life in a positive way. You sound really excited. Good luck and enjoy your time to had a Life.

  2. My apologies for not acknowledging your comment before now, Terry. I spent two weeks in intensive training. It did my head in! And then it was straight into Christmas. But now I can begin to relax…I hope! 😀


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