Purpose Opens the Door to Creativity

Yes, I’m still alive and kicking. I’ve just been buried in “company” stuff. Surprisingly, there’s been no stress along the way, like I expected. I put that down to adopting the “slow and steady wins the race” attitude I took on before I started this adventure.

I have received ISBN numbers and will shortly apply for a CiP entry for the first book that is to be published. At present, I’m seeking out prices for getting books printed in Australia and then I’ll decide which route to take and then the finer details can be worked out.

A logo has been chosen and the website is done, but I won’t put it online until certain details are confirmed. I am extremely pleased with how it turned out. It’s like nothing I’ve coded in the past and was a satisfying challenge.

The “secret project”, which was lost in that accident a few weeks ago, has been started again from scratch. Losing all that work might not have been such a bad thing after all, because what I have redone has turned out to be better! Again, I have to work out some of the finer details before taking it to the next step.

And, finally, I did something impulsive. I submitted one of my manuscripts to a competition. I’m a member of Out West Writers, which means I receive emails on a regular basis telling me about up coming writing events. Sometimes the event is an Out West author’s book release, book signing or other success. Sometimes it’s news about local book awards, workshops or seminars. On this occasion, the email disclosed information about a competition leading to a large sum of prize money and certain publication for the winner. One link lead to another and I found myself at the publisher’s website. Browsing their catalogue, I realised I have a completed manuscript that is in line with the books I was viewing on the website. Over the next ten days, I read the manuscript carefully and made minute changes before submitting it to the competition. No decisions will be made until (at least) February 2011, but I have plenty to occupy me between now and then.

Things may be quiet on the blog front right now, but I’ve done more writing related things since the beginning of September than I have in the last year or so. All I needed was purpose.

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