Blast from the Past

Everyone needs a break from the usual routine. It helps clear the mind and liven the spirit. I’m presently on two weeks annual leave (just started the second week). The weather has been perfect and I feel nicely rested and happy after a few days on the coast.

We visited the south coast of New South Wales. As you can see from the photo, it was the first time our dog has seen the ocean and he was “eager” to escape the terrible invasion of fast-moving water monsters. But no matter how fast they attacked, he was faster! He didn’t even get his paws wet. Whilst he wasn’t keen on the ocean, he loved the sand and was willing to play and fetch and run berserk in the warm sun. We had a wonderful time.

We used to live on the south coast, so we know the area well. However, we haven’t returned since we left the area ten years ago. I was keen to see how much it had changed and I was even keener to find out how I felt about returning there. Of course, changes are inevitable. There are wider roads, in places. There are more shops, in town and spreading further out into the countryside. There was more traffic, everywhere. But mostly the old haunt was the same. I didn’t feel nostalgic and I didn’t feel a sense of wishing I’d never left the area. In fact, I felt nothing for the place at all and that surprised me a great deal. My boys did their growing up there and they did most of their schooling there. We went on many camping trips. We spent most of the summer on the beach, or fishing, or bush walking, or bike riding. We enjoyed archery, boating, body boarding, walking along the rocks. We spent most Christmases eating cold roast turkey, beef and salad sitting in fold-up chairs, under sun umbrellas, on the beach, with a sea breeze messing with our sun-scorched hair. My memories include lots of blue sky, warm days, cool breezes and tolerable nights. Yet I have no wish to return to that. I sound mad as a hatter, but realise that I’ve let go of that time. The woman in those memories no longer exists. I’ve moved on and now must focus on the future. And only now, as I write this post, do I realise that.

We had a wonderful few days on the coast. We revisited, we made new memories and we came home feeling happy and content. What can possibly be better than that?

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