The Disorder Has a Name

Last week I wrote a post admitting that due to illness I had not written a word all week. Unfortunately, due to the same reason, the situation remains the same and no more words have been written. However, I am feeling slightly better now and there will be a short time tomorrow when I’ll be home alone so I plan to remedy my two wordless weeks then.

Readers who visit here often will know I have a blood disorder. Today, I learned exactly what that disorder is. It is called Essential Thrombocytosis. I’ve had the disorder for some months now and I think it strange that I only now find out the name of it and what it is. In fact, the circumstances behind this happening is complex (which I’m not going to share) but a young, inexperienced doctor has given me more information in the past two days than a seasoned specialist has shared with me in five years.

Anyway, I’m over that side of things. Let’s move on.

Essential Thrombocytosis is a rare chronic blood disorder caused by an over-production of platelets by a certain dysfunctional bone marrow cell. I believe the medication used to treat the disorder puts the patient at risk of contracting leukeamia after long-term use. Due to this, the patient must be strictly monitored to ensure red blood levels do not drop too severely. Of course, side affects are also a worry.

My immune system has been thrown off balance and the last two weeks has seen me trying to fight two infections and it looks as if I can look forward to battling the flu in the near future (next few days). This doesn’t account for all the illnesses I’ve endured in the last 10 days, but as I’m starting to feel much improved I can push the memory of those other things aside and hope they don’t return any time this century!

The difference between today and yesterday is enormous. Yes, I do feel a little better, but the biggest relief came from being told two words – Essential Thrombocytosis. Just knowing the name of what I have has taken some of the strain away. Now I know what it is, I know what it can do and I know what needs to be done. Yesterday, I knew none of these things…and it was stressful. Today, I can start preparing a battle plan to start getting better.

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  1. I know what you mean, Karen. When I first began to have back trouble and it took them so long to figure out why, I just felt that if I only knew what it was, I could deal with it. I felt so much better once I finally had that answer and knew what I had to do to manage it. Here’s hoping you are now on the track to feeling much better!


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