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Using Linux isn’t something you should do if you are not, at least, a bit computer savvy as you’ll find yourself twisted in knots, screaming for help in no time.

I know my way around computers.  I have used linux before so I have a general understanding what to expect.  And I’m also resourceful so that when I do need help I know how to find it.

The biggest challenge any Windows user will face when switching over to linux is installing software.  If you can find what you want in the software centre you’re laughing.  However, if you need to download from a website and install it yourself…yes, well, it can be quite a challenge.

Ubuntu Linux Resources is ideal for beginners.  It will help get things moving in the right direction.  It is easy to read and follow and has visual aides too.  It explains the difference between using Ubuntu inside Windows and setting up a dual-boot system.  It would have helped me with my no sound problem I had with Kubuntu, if I’d found the site two days ago.

One thing it doesn’t explain is how to install tar downloads…and that is what I’m trying to find out.  So more searching took me back to the Ubuntu website to a page called Compiling things on Ubuntu the Easy Way. The easy way?! Not sure that’s right, but maybe it’s an age thing.

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