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I have a blood disorder.  It was diagnosed six years ago and I had to have regular blood tests to keep an eye on it – every three months.

Four years ago, my son passed away and I stopped having my blood checked because, quite frankly, it was the least of my worries and I honestly didn’t care what was happening with it.

Five months ago, a scratch appears under my right eye.  It was barely noticeable and I gave it little thought.  However, as the days turned into weeks and the weeks into months, it hadn’t healed and I realised that it was getting bigger and was beginning to bother me on occasion.   Finally, I went to the doctor to check to ensure it was nothing nasty.

It was!  It was a sun cancer and it had to be cut out.  That happened on Tuesday, 25th May 2010.

On that same day I was “told off” by my GP for not having my blood disorder checked for four years.  I told him the reason for that and he didn’t seem to think it was a good enough reason… {shrug}

Anyway, he took blood and when I had the stitches removed for the sun cancer he told me that my blood disorder had blown out of control.  It was now in the danger zone and I had to make an urgent visit to a specialist.

The specialist, who I was also seeing five years ago, also gave me a “telling off”.  He didn’t seem to think my reasoning was that good either.  I didn’t bother telling him that I didn’t care if my blood disorder killed me.  I just shrugged and said that I was doing something about it now and nothing could be done about the past.

He looked at me and said, “I can’t express strongly enough how serious this is.”


“Do you live alone?” he asked.



OK, I believe he means what he’s saying.

“How do you feel generally?” he asked.

“Fine, except for the headaches, aching legs and fatigue,” I replied.  “But the last two are because I commute to work and the seats are sometimes uncomfortable.”

“That may be a contributing fact, but it’s more likely to do with your blood,” he tells me.  “Karen, you are at a very high risk of having a stroke at any time,” he adds.  “This is a dangerous situation you are in.”

If he was trying to scare me, he succeeded.  I have to have more blood tests, another bone marrow check, xrays and ultrasounds and they have to be done quickly.  He told me to stay stress free, which I said nothing to but thought that’s not going to happen.  The mere fact that he said these things to me has put stress on me.

Today, I did a bit of an internet search to find out about Stroke Symptoms for Women.  I already have all but two of the symptoms!  {takes deep breath}

Now I just have to stay calm and relaxed until all the tests are over, the results put through and the specialist decides what to do next.

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  1. I could but I want to see what happens when I get the results. It might mean I have to take time off…I don’t know until my next appointment with the specialist.


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