Chris Howard Reviews the iPad

Originally posted on another site on 5 April 2010.

I love technology. I love watching the world change in this area, as electronics improve and shift. I love being able to say that I used the old computers way back “in the old days” (which wasn’t that long ago really). I love knowing that I’ll be around to witness the way of the future.

When I visited Chris Howard’s blog this morning I was delighted to find a long post on his first experiences with the iPad – Chris Howard’s Writing & Art: Okay, I’m sold, Mr. Jobs. I love the iPad.

In recent months I’ve read a lot of ebooks on my wonderful iPod Touch. The screen is small (especially compared to the iPad), but it doesn’t matter as I’m used to it and it doesn’t take anything away from the story I’m consumed by.

I have no intention of going out and buying an iPad any time soon. I simply couldn’t justify paying that sort of money out when I’ve only just purchased the “little” brother (so to speak). Besides, finances wouldn’t allow it. However, I see the iPad as a complete shift in technology. I believe the desktop computer will soon be obsolete, the laptop will hang on for a while, but it too will eventually be replaced by future offspring of iPad type technology. One day, we will all have flat computer that do everything several gadgets do now. I find this thought fascinating and exciting.

In a world where we expect everything instantly, I think smaller, lighter computers are necessary. Today’s laptops are too heavy to lug around. I don’t know what the weight of the iPad is, but I have a feeling it is the lightest form of “connecting to the web” we’ve seen so far, except for phones and iPod touches, of course, but they don’t count. Why? Because I said so. 😀

Anyway, do you have an opinion on the iPad? I’d love to hear it.

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