Baen Free Library

As I’ve recently started reading ebooks, it was a great joy to discover that some main stream publishers are offering old publication as free ebook downloads.

Yes, the books are old, but it’s a brilliant way to try new authors before purchasing a more recent publication by them.  I know that some of these older publications are some of the author’s earliest works and may be considered their “not so good” works too, and I’ll keep that in mind, but I’ve read superb debut novels and believe I’ll get a good “taste” of whether or not I like the author’s style.

Anyway, I found a list of free ebook downloads at Baen Free Library.  I’ve downloaded a couple of the books and intend to add them to my iPod Touch and give these previously unread authors a chance to win me over.

If you know of other lists such as this, please do share the link with me.

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