Competition Update

I’ve been away for a few days. Unfortunately, it rained most of the time we were away but that didn’t stop us making the most of the change of scenery. We enjoyed ourselves. Yes, we walked in the rain (how romantic; pity we got the sniffles) and our puppy fell in the river (he disappeared completely under the water and when he surfaced he looked terrified; my partner was preparing to jump in to save him, but his dog instincts brought him to the bank). Other than that, we really did enjoy ourselves.

Whilst we’ve been away, the voting for the competition continued and today I’m giving an official update on how it’s going.

One entry has pulled slightly ahead of the three that are coming equal second. And…at the other end of the scale, one entry hasn’t received a vote as yet. That can, of course, change in a heartbeat. Please take the time to read all the entries and vote. It will only take half an hour of your time and you could win a prize!

Another update will follow later in the month.

1 thought on “Competition Update”

  1. I’ve just read all the entries and cast my vote. It was not an easy decision! I want to congratulate all the entrants on very fine stories, and I love how they are all so different even though they kept to the rules of the competition. Excellent work, and you are all winners in my book!


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