Competition: Time to Cast Your Vote

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There’s only a little of 24 hours left to get your vote in.

The competition is closed to submissions, but voting is about to begin. First, let’s recap what the competition guidelines for the authors were:

All you have to do is write a story in no more than 500 words using three of the following ten words:

murder, mystery, fire, gates, cat
warlord, gold, dwarf, planet, ship

The story can be any genre. All entries will be posted on this website and a poll will be set up to find a winner. Visitors to this website will be able to read all the entries and vote on the one they like the best. The entry with the most votes at the end of the allotted time will win. Should there be more than one entry with the same number of votes, a tie breaker poll will be held (which could get exciting).

The winner will receive a $AU25 gift voucher to spend at Amazon and an ebook version of Speculative Realms: Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

So that’s how the entries came about and now we must decide which entry is the winner. All visitors to this website are eligible to vote. All voters will be in the running to win an ebook version of “Speculative Realms: Where there’s a will, there’s a way”. All you have to do is follow the links below to the entries, read all of them and then, once you’ve decided which is your favourite, follow the link in the sidebar (or below) to cast your vote. It’s that simple, but here are the official rules:

1. A real name and valid email address must be provided at the time your vote is cast.
2. Only one vote per person permitted.
3. At the end of the voting period, all names of the people who have voted will be placed in a hat and one drawn out. This will be the winner.
4. The winner will receive their prize via email and the win will be announced on this website.
5. My decision is final.

Voting will close automatically at 11.59pm eastern Australian time (which is GMT +11) on 30 November 2009. All winners will be notified by email and on this website.

Let the voting begin! 😀

The Entries:

Entry 1: A Little Killing
Entry 2: The Black Window
Entry 3: An Angel Unawares
Entry 4: Happens All the Time
Entry 5: The Release of Thorim Hammerfist
Entry 6: One Enchanting Evening
Entry 7: What’s Theirs

15 thoughts on “Competition: Time to Cast Your Vote”

  1. Karen, you should list in this post the rules of the contest and the words we had to use. Helpful for people coming to this without having seen the setup.
    .-= Alan´s last blog ..The Stoakes-Whibley Natural Index of Supernatural Collective Nouns =-.

  2. Heh – I voted for myself in order to see the results, but even after voting there’s nothing to indicate how the race is going!
    .-= Alan´s last blog ..Read a few flash fictions and vote for mine =-.

  3. Good idea, Alan. I’m glad someone’s got their thinking cap on. 🙂

    The relevant information has been added to the post. Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. I don’t even know. I’m assuming I can log in and see the progress or maybe the results will be available at the end.

    When I have a few minutes later this morning, I’ll log in to PollDaddy and see what happens. I may or may not report on what I find. 😉

  5. OK, you got me wondering about it and I ran off and logged in straight away. Here are the results I’m willing to share at this time:

    Country Responses Percent
    United States 6 46%
    United Kingdom 3 23%
    n/a Unknown 2 15%
    Australia 1 8%
    India 1 8%

    I may give more information at a later date.

  6. For those of you following the comments in this thread, here’s another hint at how the voting is going.

    Four entries have only 2 votes separating them; that’s how close the voting is at this moment!

  7. Today’s hints are as follows:

    1. 34 votes have been registered as at the time of this comment.
    2. The entry with the title “Happens All The Time” has 5 votes.


  8. Really enjoying the hints, although I thought there would be many more votes than that by now. I will keep retweeting your link on Twitter but I only have limited followers… hope it helps.


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