Living in a Technical World

ipod-touch-stanzaRecently, I posted on Forms of Reading and the Future and another post entitled Kindle, Sony and the iPhone. Both these posts generated a lot of traffic and I received several comments and even a couple of emails, which was wonderful.

As a result of these discussions, I did a lot of research and finally decided that buying an iPod Touch was the way for me to go. I’ve had it for a few days, and I’m still getting used to the way it works, but my first impressions are all good.

I love the fact that I have one small, light device which carries all my music, photos, contacts and event reminders all well organised and easily accessible. However, what I find really outstanding is that same small, light device also holds heaps of books – audio and ebooks – as well as games to pass the time on a very long train trip, which I do five days a week.

It’s brilliant!

So now, armed with my mini-computer and my iPod Touch, there’s no excuse as I have everything I need to get the things that are important to me done – namely writing, reading and gaming. In fact, with a forced four hours a day to concentrate on these things, I should be as productive as I can ever be…unfortunately, I’m not, but I’ll leave that for another post.

Living in a world when technology is advancing every day, I feel lucky to be able to step into the future armed with the tools that should make a blank page fill with words. Words of a story I want to write, words of a story I want to read and words of other kinds that make life more pleasant. How did we ever survive without these wonderful gadgets?

4 thoughts on “Living in a Technical World”

  1. That is a thought provoking post Karen. Thank you. How did we ever survive without these gadgets? I suspect that once upon a time we actually talked to each other. Perhaps that was back in the days when there might have been some trust in the people in our society. Now it is all to easy to plug ourselves into our gadgets and ignore everything else around us. They are such wonderful distractions.

    I watch everyone on the bus, plugged into their iPods or watching something on their iPhones and wonder why they see more value in their toys than in the people around them.

    Does living in a technical world mean that we are more connected to others, which has been the promise? Or does it mean that we have more excuses to isolate ourselves, and protect ourselves from the damage of others?

    I get to keep in touch with you. And that is a bonus. But sometimes I do wonder about it all. And I am also very tempted to get an iPod touch. 🙂

    I look forward to your post on productivity. Pen and paper or mini computer; do the tools really make any difference?

  2. Benjamin, I certainly will be posting on those things as it’s important. So far, all is good, but I haven’t sat reading from it for a long period of time yet. I’ll do that after I finish reading the Farseer Trilogy.

    Axon, you are right, technology is good and bad. Long ago, we would meet our friends and chat for hours…face to face. These days, we still meet our friends and chat for hours, but it’s through a chat room client. It’s not the same and it is isolated. And…when we are in a public place, “plugged in” as you put it, everyone totally ignores everyone. For me, that’s good as I’m a quiet person, but for me, it’s also bad as I haven’t a hope of meeting potential friends that will help make my life more enjoyable. Having said that, long distance friendship – such as the ones I share with you and Benjamin, and a whole lot of other people – wouldn’t have been possible without technology. You’ve got to love it! Don’t you??


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