I have a Split Personality

It seems to me that I like living a double life. One life is the normal me, the real me. Some of you know who that person is. Some of you don’t. It’s the person I am on a daily basis. It’s the person “real” person see every day. It’s the boring person that isn’t anything special and doesn’t have exception thoughts on topics. It’s a person that is generally “seen but not heard”. And then, there’s the other me – the writer. That person is seen and heard on the internet. That person seems (to me) to be a bit more interesting in many ways, even a little more confident. That person has a purpose in life other than going to work and sleeping.

I believe I have a split personality. Not all writers suffer from this affliction. Some are normal but they might come across as a bit eccentric. Others are more writing focused and are proud to scream out to the world, “I write, therefore I am an author.” And then you get the section I fall into, those who want to keep the two halves of their lives separate, for whatever reasons they might have.

For me, that separation is a necessity and it is for this reason that I have done something that might make people – writing friends especially – groan in frustration. You see, I have a Facebook account and some of my “friends” are also my workmates. Two are my bosses! Because of this I don’t want the two halves of my life to converge, as I don’t want those people knowing everything about me. Some things are meant to be kept secret. For those who have known me for a while, you may have guessed when these “friendships” occurred (yes, when I changed my name and deleted everything writing related – did you notice that?).

Therefore, I have created another Facebook account. One for the writing side of me. One where I don’t have to censor my words. The account in my real name will remain and will be used as often as it always has. It will be the place I mix with family and friends. The new account in my pen name – Karen Lee Field – will be used just as often but it will be where I show the writer side of my life. For those of you who know both sides of me, please do not say anything on my “real name” account that will alert other people to my split personality.

I am not ashamed of the fact that I write. In fact, the people I work with know that I write. But I want to ensure some privacy. I want to feel free to say what I want without the presence of workmates, and especially bosses, breathing down my neck. Also, because I feel strongly about it, I will not use a photo of myself on my profile, instead you will seen the character you see at the top of this page sitting at her desk, which I think is appropriate.

If you would like to be my “friend”, feel free to send a request.

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