Strengthening My Writing

I must strengthen my writing and I believe I can start doing that by:

Killing the passive voice!

In life I am passive. In writing I am passive. I see the problem and must deal with it…if I want to succeed.

Easier said than done!

Here are some links to help me on my way:

Some Easy Ways to Strengthen Your Writing: Ways to Avoid “To Be” and Passive Constructions

What is passive voice?

Passive Voice and Passive Writing

Varying sentence lengths.

I believe I am already doing this, but I’ve put it on the list as a reminder.

Strengthen Your Writing: Vary Sentence Structure

Using stronger words.

My vocabulary isn’t wonderful and the only way to improve on that is to read, read, read. With my long commute to work each day, I am managing to do just that and I hope my writing will improve as a result. I don’t think it’s a good idea to rely on a thesaurus, but sometimes I do need one to help me find just the right word…or a better word than the one I’ve got firmly planted in my mind.

Using Strong Verbs and Nouns

How to Develop Strong Verbal Skills

I do believe in the KISS Principle, so I’m not saying that ordinary words should be replaced with ridiculously complicated words as that defeats the purpose. I’m saying I have to use the simplest, but best, word available.

There are probably other areas that I could strengthen my writing, but I can’t think what they might be. Anyone have any suggestions?

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