Minor Website Changes

I’ve spent some time over the last 24 hours doing some house cleaning (ie website maintenance). I thought about updating the theme, but couldn’t find a template that I liked better than the one I’m using so I’ll stick with this one for now.

Anyway, if you look closely, you’ll see that I have:

1. Moved Recent Comments and My Bookshelf to the left hand sidebar.
2. Inserted a new plugin called Popular Posts (ie Today’s Top Posts) in the left hand sidebar.
3. Removed some links from the blogrolls to sites I never visit any more.
4. Inserted another new plugin called Subscribe to Comments so that visitors can be notified when someone replies to the same post they have commented on.
5. Removed and renewed numerous broken links (and I’ve still got over 50 broken links to wade through; I’m using a Link Checker plugin for that).
6. Tidied up my folders behind the scenes.
7. Removed the Amazon widget from the left hand sidebar (for now).
8. Started adding a comprehensive links page to the History section of the website, which will be an on going job over coming weeks/months. I’ll probably do the same thing for the Writing section too.
9. Added the Gravatar plugin, which allows a personalised avatar to show when anyone comments (if you have registered your email address, of course).
10. I’ll probably find more to do, but it hasn’t happened yet…so the list is “to be continued”.

Now, in an effort to keep up with the times, are there plugins that you know of that I might be interested in? Feel free to tell me about them.

Edit: Today, 9 August 2009, I have deleted the webring page altogether, I’ve done some more fiddling with the left hand sidebar and I’m still working on those broken links. Also added a new pages to the History section called Links: All Things Medieval.

Edit: Today, 10 August 2009, all broken links have been fixed or removed and a minor problem in the right hand sidebar (only in IE8) has also been fixed.

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