My Domain Name Expired!

Well, what do you know? I’m back! No, I didn’t close down the site or move. I didn’t do something stupid behind the scenes, which played havoc with the website. My domain name expired and I wasn’t give warning. I believe I was offline for two days before I realised and then my provider was having server problems so I wrongly thought I had been caught up in that…and then I discovered, way too late, about the expiry.

I was not happy!

I don’t have a credit card so had to send a personal cheque, which meant I was offline for another week!

No, I was not happy!

But, thinking enough was enough, I contacted my provider today asking about the delay and what do you know…the site is back up. However, I can see issues with the right hand sidebar which were not there beforehand, but I guess I should thank my lucky stars that the domain name wasn’t snapped up by a third party.

Normal posting will now resume.

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