I Wrote Today…on the train

At lunchtime on Monday, I left the office and took a brisk walk to purchase my new Acer Aspire One Netbook. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a blue one (I ended up with a black one which is the perfect miniature of my “normal” sized laptop) but I got a nice discount instead so I was happy (and I get a cashback which is even better).

On Monday night, I arrived home from work and, after dinner, set up my new toy. It’s amazing how time consuming this can be and I ended up going to bed a little later than I should have and paid for that on Tuesday. Anyway, as there is no disk drive on netbooks G helped me install Word 2003 and my family tree program via a flash drive then I set about transferring all my writing and family tree files.

Tuesday morning saw me sitting on the train with “my writing” on my lap. I have to admit that I felt really strange and a bit self conscious. I don’t know why because I’ve seen heaps of people on the train with laptops so I’m just being silly; however, I found it difficult to focus on my writing. In fact, I don’t think I actually got as far as opening a file! There were only two other people in the carriage with me at the time, one sleeping and one reading (and maybe not getting enough sleep the night before didn’t help) but I felt totally out of place. I ended up putting the laptop away and reading or staring out the window, which was disappointing.

This morning I tried again and this time I did much better. I opened the Mirror Image folder and decided it was time to tackle the edit of the main character’s storyline. This story is close to my heart and I found myself holding back tears as I got involved in the story being told, which was embarrassing, but I forged through and ended up feeling less self conscious and more like a writer again. It was brilliant.

Today I wrote (or edited) for an hour and a half, which is a good start to getting this manuscript finished. And I already know that tomorrow I’ll do some more. And the next day and then again five days next week…and so on. I think I’m going to like this new writing routine. 🙂

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  1. I know what the feeling is like, being self-conscious and all that. I get it with writing at work – even sometimes writing with Margo next to me…

    But I’m glad you pushed through it and wrote! Congrats.

    I have an opportunity for writing coming up, and plan to blog about it soon.


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