Character Recreation Solves Other Problems

Obviously I haven’t had much to say this month. Due to personal “stuff” my mind is too busy to write and as a result I don’t really have anything I can blog about. Hence the inactive blog. However, I have been (intermittently) working on that recreation of a character I spoke about. In fact, I finished that yesterday.

Recreating a character is a strange thing. I found that the character had become a real person in my mind and there I was trying to force this “person” to change her ways. In real life, to try and do such a thing would be simply impossible, but this person was originally created by me and now she had to change. Eventually, the mould began to change and she and I accepted it.

Today I’m left with a much stronger woman – not physically; I mean mentally. The poor thing needs that strength too because after I recreated her, I set about rewriting her storyline too. This woman is going to hell and back!

It has taken the better part of a month to rewrite her storyline. At the end of that time, I only have three typed pages to show for all my time. It was energy well spent though, as this exercise was to strengthen not only her reason for being in the story but it also had to strengthen the overall theme, tension and pace. I feel much happier with what will happen to her and the end result.

As a bonus I have also worked out a way to properly write the resolutions for two of the support characters – this one included. I feel excited by this fact as it was something that bothered me a lot when I was writing the first draft. And…as I type this…I have just thought of a way to work in a good way to resolve the two minor character’s point of views too. This leaves only one character whose point of view cannot be returned to once we hit the climax. Luckily, this other character is in the scenes leading up to the climax so I will have to do a good job of showing his resolution through someone else’s eyes. It will be tricky, but I’m sure I can manage it.

Recreating this character and rewriting her storyline seems to address many of the problem areas of the manuscript so it looks like I have a green light from here.

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