A Bruise Causes Standstill

In Mirror Image one of the characters has a bruise. This bruise caused me to come to a complete halt in the edit. How could a mark of this type cause so much trouble? Believe me, this is a question that has been turning around in my head for a while now, but I’ve finally worked out what I must do.

The bruise signifies something very important. And I’ve had the hardest time trying to decide where to go from here. I had two options:

    1. Delete the bruise and remain on the original path I planned.
    2. Keep the bruise and move onto a different path.

I found it hard to make a firm decision, so today I wrote the options down (in more detail) and then I wrote down what the purpose of the story is and compared it to the options. Why I couldn’t work this out in my mind, I have no idea, but when I saw the details in black and white…the decision was simple!

Option 1 is about real life and the reason for the bruise would mean the end of reality. Option 2 would mean the story is just that – only a story. This would give me more creativity, but it could possibly be the end of my credibility where the theme for this story is concerned. It would also mean I would be abandoning the reason why I wrote the story in the first place. And when I saw that reason written down, I was reminded of how important it is to get the message across and suddenly the decision was easy.

I must go with option 1. The bruise must go!

Now that the decision has been made, I can return to my planning and make the necessary changes so that I can continue with the edit. Finally!

3 thoughts on “A Bruise Causes Standstill”

  1. I can’t “make it work”, Alan, as I would be telling a story that doesn’t need telling. By taking the harder option, I’ll be writing a story that needs to be heard. When I realised that, it made everything so much easier!

    Thank you, Benjamin. The small things often do mean more, in so many areas of our lives.


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