Page 56, fifth sentence

Alan Baxter is asking people to get involved with a meme he put up on his blog the other day, so here’s my contribution. First, you need to know the rules:

* Grab the book closest to you
* Go to page 56
* Find the 5th sentence
* Write that sentence as your status message
* Copy these instructions as a comment to your status message
* Don’t go looking for your favourite book, or the coolest one you have – just grab the closest one

OK, the book closest to me is a book from the library I intend to read next. It’s called “The Mirror’s Tale” by P W Catanese. Unfortunately, the book only has three sentences on page 56, so I’ve pulled the fifth sentence from page 55 instead.

He put his nose an inch from the wall, peered carefully, and saw an edge as thin as a hair around the spot he had just touched.

I haven’t started reading the book yet, but I’m guessing this is when the main character finds out something interesting about the mirror in question. I find it interesting that a random sentence can give such a big clue as to when I can expect the excitement to begin. All I can say is that the 54 pages and four sentences before this line better be worth it, because I like stories to start in the middle of the action! You will find out, of course, once I’ve finished the book.

If you are reading this, then you can safely say that you’ve been tagged. πŸ˜‰

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