Let Me Think About It…Please

The minor character in Mirror Image I mentioned a few days ago – the one who started out one dimensional – is now a fully fledged person. It didn’t take much work – several days of thinking about it, then finding the right place to add in additional information and then the actual edit of his three scenes. His presence in the manuscript isn’t much longer than before, but I am happy with the change in him and the overall effect it will have on the plot. In fact, his story is quite sad and I felt sorry for him when I reread his scenes.

I did have one other problem with this character. His resolution – the big ha-ha moment – comes right in the middle of the climax of the story, which is told from another character’s point of view. However, I know without doubt that I cannot swap view points at the crucial time as it would be detrimental to the manuscript. And it is impossible to return to his character later as, to put it simply, it would be too late.

I have spent a couple of days thinking about this and I realise the only thing that can be done is to write his resolution from the main character’s point of view. But…it’s the climax and the main character has some pretty heavy stuff happening at the time, so she isn’t the least bit concerned about this minor character’s resolution. It’s going to be difficult to write, I’m sure, but I must find a way of getting the information to the reader without the main character’s storyline being affected. Luckily, I’ll be editing that character last so I have plenty of time to think about how I’m going to do that.

I’ve now moved onto editing another minor character. This character is female and she wasn’t as flat as the male character, but she still needs some work.

It seems this first edit mainly consists of days thinking about how I’m going to fix things. This troubled me at first, but after seeing the result of those “think” sessions I can see it’s time well spent.