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I’ve been busy and for once I can say that partying has kept me away from writing. Believe me, it’s been a long time since I could say something like that. *grin*

The Speculative Realms party went well. Many thanks to those of you who dropped in to say hello. Your congratulations were much appreciated.

Now that the party is over … and the mess is (almost) cleaned up, I can return to some kind of normal mode again. I’m finding it a little difficult but, knowing me, it won’t be long before my mind will be slow enough to think rationally again. (Can’t you tell I’m not a party animal!?)

I haven’t written a single word this week, but I intend to fix that tomorrow night. My new writing routine has been established and I’m quite happy with it. I want to write 3,000 words a week. I think that’s a nice figure. Long term, it could amount to 156,000 words a year! The words will usually be written over three days – Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Monday to Thursday nights find me too tired to write and I’ve given myself permission to take it easy on those nights. Of course, if I do write…it’s a bonus, but that hasn’t happened yet so don’t hold your breath there. Last weekend I wrote 2,500 words. I didn’t reach my goal, but I was close and I’m happy about that. Besides, I had a party on my mind so I’m happy to have any words at all.

How many words do you like to write each week and what writing routine works best for you?

4 thoughts on “Writing Routines”

  1. Acutally, 3,000 words is my goal as well. Well, my stretch goal. Last week I made it to 2,250 and that was one of the highest weeks I’ve ever done. A more realistic goal for me is 1,400 words [only 72,000 words per year 🙁 ]. I try to write at least 200 words every day. I find it’s easier if I set a small daily goal rather than relying on particular days to get a whole bunch of writing done. My schedule isn’t consistent enough to have days I can count on. Good to know that someone else has at least a somewhat similar goal!

  2. Actually, I believe we can get too consumed with goals sometimes. As long as we write regularly, and I no longer believe that has to be every day, then that should get the manuscript finished.

    200 words a day is brilliant. It really is. 72,000 words a year is a lot better than none. Keep doing whatever words for you. Forcing yourself to do more only takes the pleasure of writing away.

  3. I set myself a personal goal that was way to high, I was inspired by Stephen King who reportedly sits down and wrote from 9 – 5 and would achieve 10,000 words ready for publication each day of his writing career. I thought I could shoot for 1,000 words a day but having a target that high meant that I rarely actually achieved it – it also made me disheartened because I have been writing so much slower than other writers… I’m glad to find out that my actual word count of a few thousand a week is actually much more realistic.

  4. I know what you mean as I’ve been in the same situation. Smaller goals often mean we feel more content and end up getting more writing done.

    Good luck with your manuscript.


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