The Path Ahead

Some weeks ago, I said I had approximately 10,000 words to write before reaching the end of Mirror Image. Yes, well, that was an understatement! I’ve written over 17,000 words since then and I would feel comfortable saying I still have at least 10,000 words to go.

Anyway, however many words are left to write I can tell you that the next scene is the first for the last day of the story. A lot is happening and the main characters are at breaking point, which is exactly where they should be at this stage of the story. I still have to push them a bit more and then … well, I can’t tell you … but soon after that “moment”, the story will be wound up.

Writing this story has been good for me – for two reasons.

First, it has helped me sort out my own emotions. I’ve always used writing as a form of escape and this story must be the best example of that. This is a story that delved into my personal space and into the inner most fears of my mind. From that came a much needed release that feels so positive and right.

Strangely, I just read the quote on my desk calendar:

For every feared thing there is an opposing hope that encourages us.
– Umberto Eco

The fear that I carry has been pushed into a deeper hole. The opposing hope shines brighter with each day. I can see that now and I want to help other people realise that too. This book can do that. I know it!

Second, the positive feelings I have about the story has been a motivation to write. I want this story to be told and I want people to read it and learn. This is important to me, which means I’m driven to keep writing. Considering I gave up writing at the beginning of this year, that is another positive step.

The writing will not stop when I’ve finished Mirror Image either. I am already thinking of my other unfinished projects in a new light. I recently mentioned somewhere that the first million words are just practice. Well, I’ve done my practice words and have moved into real writing and that feels good.

2 thoughts on “The Path Ahead”

  1. I’d starred this post to comment later as your blog is still blocked at work. Your motivation is inspiring. I hope you get to the end soon.

    I’m feeling a bit of determination, myself, at the moment.

  2. I’m making steady progress. That’s all I can really ask for and I’m happy, which makes a huges difference to my motivation.

    I’m glad to hear of your determination, Benjamin. I would like to read more about your writing on your blog. 🙂


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