Dribbling Words onto the Page

The great flow of recent weeks has suddenly become a little trickle. I only managed to write a grand total of about 800 words over the weekend compared to about 2,500 on other weekends. Why? I’m finding it difficult to write the last hours of the story for Mirror Image. This has nothing to do with not knowing what is supposed to be happening as the scene is perfectly clear in my mind. I just can’t find the right words and I feel like I’m waffling because of it.

I keep telling myself that it doesn’t matter. Just keep writing – waffle or not – and get the story finished. There is time enough later to make changes and get rid of the nonsense. Besides, this is a first draft and the manuscript is nowhere near perfect, so what makes this last scene so different?!

Then I thought that maybe I’m deliberately stalling because I don’t want to finish the manuscript and start the editing phase. But upon further thought I realised that this is a lot of hogwash. I can’t wait to finish the story. I’ve already planned how I’m going to tackle the edit, so what’s the big deal?

So, trickle or not, the words will continue to appear on the page. Even if it means writing 100 words a week until the manuscript is complete, I’ll get this scene done!

3 thoughts on “Dribbling Words onto the Page”

  1. Good on you for keeping at it. 800 words is still a nice total. Guess you might feel a little pressure to get it right seeing it’s the big ending, even though you know you can edit it.

    Your sub conscious mind can play tricks with you sometimes.


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