What Do You Think?

The battery on my laptop is about to run out, so I have to be quick.

The new template is finished. The home page has also been replaced. I like it and I hope you do too. Now that it’s done, perhaps I’ll be inspired to write some proper posts. Oh, I just remembered…I do need to update the home page. The content is no longer current.

Anyway, must go. Time is running out…

Template Changes Almost Complete

I’m happy with the outcome so far. I did experience problems accessing the page earlier, but I have a feeling it had something to do with the widgets. I’ve now customised the sidebars, and no longer use the widgets, so I hope the problem is fixed.

I think I’ve got everything covered, except for the home page, which I’ll tackle another day.

Time for a Change

Yes, I’m changing the template again. I’ve already upgraded to the latest version of WordPress. That went well…and without a hiccup! I’m currently working on the template. There will be a new banner and a bit of a colour change, but basically I’ll be using this three column design.

I’ve run out of time now, so I’ll be back to finish it off on another day.